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Instead of forwarding these...

Everyone gets funny email from someone. Some of us get funny email from several someones. Although I do have the urge to pass these on, I thought about the fact that I usually see each good joke making the rounds of the net at least four times, and I realized that many of the people I might send them to have too. Instead, I'm putting them up here.

While I'm at it, let me comment on the fact that most of the time these jokes and stories are forwarded around without any indication of the author or the original publication. So if you know where any unidentified pieces come from, please let me know so that I can attach proper attributions and attempt to find out whether they're being sent around with permission or have simply slipped their leashes.

*sigh* Yes, that does mean that if I find that a story or essay doesn't belong here, I'll remove it and replace it with a pointer to a legitimate copy. Please don't let that stop you from telling me. I know I'd be annoyed to find my work republished with my name or copyright notice filed off, or published someplace I didn't give permission, and what goes around comes around.

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From here and there

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Links to other humour sites

Funny pages

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Comic strips and cartoons

These are comic strips on the web which I read and enjoy.
  • Kevin & Kell by Bill Holbrook. Only on the web. Weekdays and one "Sunday strip" a month. [Added 1998-06-17]
  • Helen: Sweetheart of the Internet by Peter E. Zale. The only problem with this strip is that you have to wait two weeks for each installment (though each installment is six "dailies"). To really appreciate this strip, start with the archives. [Added 1998-06-17]
  • User Friendly by Illiad. Updated daily. [Added 1998-07-12]
  • Bruno by Christopher Baldwin. Updated daily. [Added 1998-07-12]
  • Safe Havens by Bill Holbrook. Updated daily. [Added 1998-06-17]
  • On The Fastrack by Bill Holbrook. [Added 1998-06-17]
  • Liberty Meadows by Frank Cho. Updated daily. I love Cho's artwork in this strip. [Added 1998-06-17]
  • Red Meat by Max Cannon. Updated weekly. Probably an acquired taste. [Added 1998-06-17]
You may also enjoy the cartoons at 10 Laughs A Day. [Added 1998-07-12] [Back to table of contents]
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