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Copyright 1997, D. Glenn Arthur Jr. Note that the images on my pages, unless noted otherwise, are included in my copyright.


I have added copyright notices to most of my HTML documents. Why? Well, when I started doing so, I didn't have anything here that I really expected anyone to steal, but someone I know did have an image ripped off from one of his pages by a book publisher. So I figured I ought to get in the habit of including copyright notices on principle as a reminder of what folks should already know: that by law (in most countries, including the USA) works are protected by copyright from the moment of creation in tangible form, and to make clear who owns these images and texts.

Want to use something you see on one of my pages? Contact me and ask me. Depending on what it is, we can almost certainly work something out. Depending on what it is, I may only require proper credit and the knowledge that you were polite enough to ask (as the law requires, by the way). For other things, talk to me and we'll negotiate apropriate compensation.

Search engines, indexers, spiders, etc., are allowed to use snippets of my pages to display when displaying results of a search that hit on one of my pages. Personally, I think that'd fall under the "fair use" provisions of copyright law anyhow, but I'm not a lawyer.

Note that I am claiming copyright only on the pages residing in // and subdirectories thereof. I am not claiming copyright to pages, written by others, that my pages contain links to. Also, you do not need my permission to create a link to one of my pages (though I do appreciate hearing from you if you do, just to get some idea where hits are coming from).

Also note that Mike Stoddard ( and I are co-developing some pages in a sort of parallel development approach, and we are cutting and pasting each others' work on those pages. Mike has my explicit permission to swipe text and code from my pages about the musical groups we're involved with as part of this project.

-- D. Glenn Arthur Jr.,

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