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Donations Welcome

My web site has recently reached that dangerous "in between" popularity level, where the traffic just exceeds my monthly free throughput limit at my ISP. Since I'm in starving-artist mode these days, I'm turning to you, my readers, for a little help keeping the site available.

If you'd like to contribute money to help me with the cost of maintaining this web site (or for that matter, if you just want to reward me for entertaining you, or help me buy groceries, or whatever -- I'm not picky about motive), I will cheerfully accept donations. I have a PayPal account, or you can send me money the old fashioned way through the Postal Service:

    D. Glenn Arthur Jr.
1723 W. Lombard St.
Baltimore, MD, 21223

If you send me a check in the mail, please include a note telling me it's a donation for my website, so I don't spend a while trying to figure out whether I've sold you something and forgotten about it. In either case, feel free to let me know which of my pages you find most enjoyable and/or useful.

And, importantly, thank you!

-- Glenn

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