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Groups and Subcultures

Wondering whether you'd be spooked by any of the groups of people I mentioned in my househunting page? Just curious about what these words refer to? None of these groups is actually scary or threatening, but some people don't get along with unconventinal people well, so here are a few descriptions.

Science-Fiction/Fantasy Fandom

Not only do I read the stuff, I'm a part of "fandom", which means I go to conventions and hang out with other "fen". Take a look at my "haunts" page for a list of some of the conventions I attend regularly. Fandom is different enough that it probably counts as a subculture.


SCA is short for The Society For Creative Anachronism, a medieval re-enactment group. Every so often I put on medieval clothing, pick up my instruments, and run off to a feast.


Markland is another medieval re-enactment group. Check out their web page. Slightly different atmosphere from SCA, despite noticeable overlap in membership.


"Elboids" are subscribers to the Elbows and Suspects mailing lists. It's a loose conglomeration of friends, friends of friends, and acquaintances of friends of friends. Lots of overlap with fandom and medievalism. Lots of free-thinkers and nonconformists (and even conformists who just don't conform to conventional society) who know each other well enough to invite each other to parties.

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