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Glenn's Haunts

You looking for me?

For a detailed calendar (too detailed unless you're trying to track me down or find out when I'll be home to answer the phone), finger me at

Forward Into The Past

I'm a member of Markland, a medieval re-enactment group. I attend some of their major events (e.g. Allthyngs and the Hastings faire) and feasts in my area. Thrir Venstri Foetr, the dance group of which I'm the music director, holds rehearsals in the same location as the "Fyrdmoot", a weekly gathering of Marklanders at the University of Maryland on Tuesday nights. At Markland feasts there's a halfway decent chance I'll be performing music either for listening or for dancing.

I'm a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, another medieval re-enactment group. I occasionally attend feasts and revels in the baronies of Storvik (Washington D.C. area) and Ponte Alto (part of Virginia) and am usually found among the musicians playing for dancing. I also attend the Pennsic War each August in the Barony of the Debatable Lands (Pittsburgh area). I usually camp with Caer Edgemere near the corner of Brewer's Road and Howard's Fenway; look for me in a 9x12 green canvas army tent (if I can get the new leaks fixed in time). (That's "E15" on the land allocation map. Last campsite on the right before the trees if you're walking downhill on Brewer's Road.) The one sure place to find me at Pennsic is among the musicians at the big dance in the barn on Friday night. You can also ask the folks at Fatima's Silk Road Traders if they know where I am, but they'll only know about a quarter of the time, if that often.

Slightly More Modern...

I perform each year at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in Crownsville, Maryland (near Annapolis) with Thrir Venstri Foetr, so I can be found there about half the weekends of the festival. As long as I've been with the group, we've performed three sets a day in the area between the information kiosk and the glassblower.

Jump To The Future

I attend the following science fiction conventions:

I used to hang out at LUMSFS, an informal Wednesday night dinner meeting of science fiction fans in the Washington D.C. area, but I haven't been in a couple of years. I'll probably start dropping by again once in a while sometime soon.

Oh yeah, the present is cool too...

I attend LMNOP "burgermunches" (informal gatherings of BDSM-interested folks in the Washington D.C. area the first Thursday of each month) when my rehearsal schedule permits (which isn't as often as I'd like).

For a calendar showing where I'll be when (mostly of interest to friends trying to find out what night I'm free or whether I plan to attend an event they're going to), finger me at

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