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This is a first draft. It's a poem inspired by overhearing a chance phrase while I was in an absolute rage. It will most likekly become a song, but the melody hasn't been written yet.


First draft, 19960716.0043, D. Glenn Arthur Jr.

I am the arm of vengeance,
I am the arm clad in steel
I am the arm with the blade in my hand,
I shall even the deal

I am the hand reaching forth for the throat
Of the foe who betrays or who steals
I am the elbow that crushes the ribs
Of the coward who stabs in the back
I am the fingers that put out the eye
Of he who dishonors contracts

I am the arm of vengenance
I am the arm clad in mail
No matter how swiftly I strike, it never shall be
Named as the first attack

Flee before vengeance, run 'til you drop
For you know you are guilty as sin
Flee if you must but my reach is quite long
Flee 'til your lungs nearly pop
Flee if you must but you shall not escape
The hand at the end of this arm

I am the arm of vengeance
I am the tooth and the fang
I shall have vengeance on those who've betrayed
Any or all of my friends.
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