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This page is (so far) nothing but a list of links to pages which contain links to one or more of my pages. Why? Well I started looking for references to my pages out of curiosity, but then I noticed that an awful lot of the pages I found were winding up in the "take a closer look at this later" folder of my bookmarks file. I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier, but the people who link from their pages to mine are usually interested in -- and often writing about -- some of the same things I'm interested in.

Eventually I'll get around to sorting these, which will make this page a lot more useful. And after that, maybe even descriptions ... but don't hold your breath. It'll come but it'll take a while. Meantime, explore the as-yet-uncharted wilds.

The List Of Links:

These are currently sorted by URL (because it was convenient and this is a first draft, okay?). The text given is is whatever is in the <TITLE> tag on the page in question. There are duplicate titles used for unrelated pages, and there are pages in different places which appear to be mirrors of each other. Any cleanup will happen later.
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