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D. Glenn Arthur Jr., Programmer/Analyst

1723 W. Lombard St., Baltimore, MD, 21223 / 301-787-7983 /


I am seeking programming, analysis, or web design work on a flexible, part-time basis. Telecommuting preferred.


I am familiar with the following languages and environments:

Computer Languages

C, C++, Pascal, 4th Dimension, dBase, Clipper (version 5), C shell, Bourne shell, HTML, Assembly (Z80, VAX, 80x86), BASIC, FORTRAN, Hypertalk, COBOL, Various script and macro languages

Operating Systems

UNIX (Linux, Sys V, BSD 4.3, Sys III, Version 7, SCO, others), SunOS, XENIX (Sys V, III), MS-DOS, PC-DOS, Netware 286 and 386, Macintosh, VMS, CTOS/BTOS, p-system, TRSDOS, RSTS, MPE/3000, Windows 95


K.L. Ginter & Associates, Inc. Programmer/Analyst 04/00-Present
Reality-Based IT Solutions Security Consultant 04/00 - 09/01
Independant Consultant 10/98 - 03/00
Environmental Management Support,Inc. Programmer/Analyst 3/92 - 9/93
Independent Consultant 12/90 - 3/92
K. L. Ginter & Associates, Inc Programmer/Analyst 9/86 - 12/90
U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Computer Programmer 7/85 - 9/86
S4tS Computer Effects Programmer 6/84 - 6/85
The Nannie Helen Burroughs School Teacher 9/83 - 1/84



Performed penetration testing on networked systems, both on client-owned systems (penetration testing) and on a dedicated testbed LAN (attack profiling).

At Environmental Management Support, Inc.

Administered and trouble-shot Novell LANs on the EPA Nonpoint Source Electronic Bulletin Board System (BBS) and the Alternative Treatment Technologies Information Center (ATTIC) BBS. Provided user support within the company.

Major projects included: Superfund Program Development Data File, for tracking training activities in Superfund staff; installation and reprogramming of ATTIC information systems in C and Clipper; installation and trouble shooting of Novell LANs; installation and maintenance for Nonpoint Source Program databases for online access through the BBS. Provided routine programming and modifications to databases available online through EMS-supported computers.

As an independent consultant

Reviewed and analysed C/UNIX code for Y2K compliance on a satellite WAN system.

Designed, implemented, and documented an automatic file transfer and record routing system for a distributed accounting application running under UNIX, MS-DOS, and TSO for the Department of Justice. Wrote a UUCP-like front end for Kermit, including spooling and automatic retries, using shell scripts and the Kermit script language. Also provided system administration and user support for UNIX.

Determined local area network (LAN) requirements for a small business, researched products that fit those requirements, and installed and configured the LAN.

Modified a Macintosh database application written in 4th Dimension according to changes in client needs.

For the past several years I have occasionally tutored CS students.

At K.L. Ginter & Associates, Inc.

Developed a system to store configuration from smart terminals and to refigure them remotely for an equipment leasing company. Wrote configuration database and low-level RS-232 communications code using MS-DOS, Aztec C, and a proprietary K.L. Ginter & Associates communications library. Reverse engineered undocumented terminal escape sequences and response codes.

Wrote a program to collect, scale, and display multiplexed sensor and control information from an undersea salvage robot in real time using a pair of Metrabyte Dash-16 data acquisition boards in a PC/AT clone running MS-DOS using Microsoft C. Modified the Dash-16 library supplied by Metrabyte to allow use of multiple A/D boards in one computer using the MASM 80 x 86 assembler.

Developed a product demo for a device which read information encoded in the overscan portion of a broadcast television signal. Interfaced a PC/AT to the device being demonstrated using the Greenleaf Comm Library under MS-DOS and wrote low-level EGA programming using Microsoft C and MASM 80 x 86 assembly language.

Designed a computer based training authoring language and implemented an interpreter for it. Developed the interpreter simultaneosly on MS-DOS using Lattice C and a Convergent NGEN running CTOS (also known as a Unisys B26 and BTOS) using Convergent Workstation C. Maintained a single, portable set of source code. Developed run-time conditional debugging macros in C which use an EGA in 43-line mode as two windows.

Wrote an interface to Btrieve from Pascal MT+, which uses a non-standard calling convention under MS-DOS. Wrote an 80 x 86 assembly language routine to translate between the two protocols using ASMT+.

Wrote and maintained code for a distributed weather information system requiring real-time multitasking under MS-DOS, communication between workstations, capture of radar and satellite images, generation of maps from databases, and VGA graphics. Organized, optimized and commented undocumented code. Implemented new modules using Turbo C and the Blaise Tools and Blaise Comm Tools libraries.

Assisted in LTD (Live Test Demo) preparation for a large government bid. Wrote a background spelling checker invoked from MS-DOS and executed on a UNIX system via a Banyan VINES network. Wrote an extended directory program in C or MS-DOS which displayed document header information from Word Perfect, and helped to design a terminate-and-stay-resident program to provide double save protection (similar to mirrored disks) in software. Demonstrated subsystems and showed that they satisfied the requirements of the RFP. Provided configuration management in UNIX, MS-DOS, and Word Perfect Library, and created several Word Perfect macros and shell scripts.

Converted a proprietary to K. L. Ginter & Associates B+Tree library from Pascal MT+ to Aztec C under MS-DOS. Later converted the library from Aztec C to Lattice C.

Tested, debugged, and documented utilities accompanying an MS-DOS linker for commericial release.

Coded modules of a device-independent graphics library kernel for commercial release in C under MS-DOS. Commented existing modules.

Wrote a file transfer utility to move files between a p-System volume and an MS-DOS file system using both Pascal MT+ and UCSD Pascal. Created batch files to automate installation of a p-System application with an MS-DOS front-end onto an MS-DOS computer, install the source code, and create distribution diskettes. Wrote the user's manual and programmer's reference for the entire application using Word Perfect 4.2 to do desktop publishing. This was for a commercial product.

Wrote a user's manual for an equipment inventory and maintenance tracking system, working from the source code.

Trained graphic artists for the federal government to use Macintosh computers. Taught the use of Quark Xpress, Aldus Pagemaker, SuperPaint, Aldus Freehand, Image Studio, Microsoft Word, and other applications.

Modified an Army inventory system which interfaced to handheld bar code readers and read and wrote tapes for a mainframe database. Modified Pascal MT+ code and wrote Z80 machine language under CP/M.

Designed and implemented a marketing database using MS-DOS for K. L. Ginter & Associates, Inc., which handled lead tracking and automatically generated to-do lists and form letters in dBase II. Converted the system to dBase III. Interfaced dBase to Word Perfect using MS-DOS batch files which invoked Word Perfect Macro Editor scripts.

Designed modules and wrote specifications for a distributed project management system for a federal government agency implemented in dBase III under MS-DOS. Implemented a diskette-based record transfer scheme with record locking and error detection. Established coding and naming conventions for a team of programmers. Assisted in coding.

Designed and wrote a scheduling database for a Fortune 500 company to schedule meetings and presentations and track deadlines for presentation materials on networked Macintoshes using 4th Dimension. Wrote an interface in 4th Dimension and HyperTalk to export data from the database system to Focal Point, a personal calendar program running under HyperCard. Generated form letters from the database using Microsoft Word, and implemented code to lay out agendas in Word by writing Rich Text Format (RTF) documents directly from 4th Dimension. Reverse engineered undocumented portions or RTF.

Programmed a performance analysis system for commercial release using Lattice C, Turbo C, and the dbc database library under MS-DOS. Implemented graphic output routines as well as data collection and edit screens. Debugged and improved code written by previous programmers on the project.

Administered UNIX and XENIX systerms and Novell LAN for K.L. Ginter & Associates. Maintained cc:Mail/UUCP gateway. Wrote a custom interface to cc:Mail. Advised and assisted clients, in-house, users, and other programmers. Performed troubleshooting and file recovery both in-house and for clients. Provided user support for MS-DOS, Macintosh and UNIX, as well as several applications including Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro, Word Perfect, and cc:Mail. Assisted in the writing of bids and proposals.

Recovered several dBase III files that a client had accidentally concatenated together. Wrote a tool to do so in C. Installed and configured a Corvus Omninet local area network. Configured printers and Word Perfect. Created Word Perfect 4.2 printer configurations for unsupported printers. Determined uninterruptible power supply (UPS) requirements for K.L. Ginter & Associates' LAN, researched available modes, and solicited bids.

At the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

Provided systems administration on five XENIX systems in four states. Trained other system administrator and programmers. Installed and configured hardware and software. Networked systems using UUCP and Micnet. Wrote utilities for users as well as system administration scripts.

Designed and implemented a menu-driven front end for Crosstalk XVI to automate file transfers. Intergrated MS-DOS batch files, BASIC programs, and Crosstalk scripts. Wrote instructions for users.

Designed and wrote a budget history analysis spreadsheet using Lotus Symphony. Worked with end users to determine requirements.

Wrote a dBase III application to collect budget information and do calculations to automatically fill in housing budget forms.

Provided general user support, training, and troubleshooting for personal computer users. Supported users of MS-DOS, Word Perfect, Lotus Symphony and 1-2-3, Crosstalk, and other software.

At S4tS

Designed a program in Z80 assembly language to generate laser art on a TRS-80 Model III using external hardware similar to an Orchestra 90 to drive a laser scanning device.

Produced special effects animation and still graphics for a science fiction based movie using TRS-80 and Vectrex systems. Wrote graphics programs in BASIC and Z80 assembly language.

Designed and implemented a background print spooler for TRS-80 Model III under TRSDOS using Z80 assembly language.

Designed, set up, and operated light shows for science fiction conventions, using Vectrex, TRS-80, and Atari systems, as well as other equipment.

At the Nannie Helen Burroughs School

Taught arithmetic, algebra, and computing to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Taught programming using BASIC and Pascal on a DEC PDP-11/44 and Atari 800 computers.


Parallel processing, obscure and obsolete computers, animation, science fiction, medieval reenactment, photography, and music (guitar, mandolin, recorder, bass, drums).

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