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Darkover, Thanksgiving weekend, Timonium, Maryland

"Darkover" is what everyone calls the Armida Grand Council Meeting science fiction convention. It's an annual convention in Timonium, Maryland. Darkover is also the name of a planet in a series of stories by Marian Zimmer Bradley. The convention focusses primarily on MZB's Darkover series and Katherine Kurtz' Deryni novels, though it attracts fans with a wider range of interest.

Along with various panel discussions, an art show, a dealers room, a midnight singalong of Handel's Halleluliah Chorus from the Messiah, and other activities, Darkover features a Regency Ball, where dances of the Regency period are taught and danced. (While Regency period clothing is encouraged, many people come to the ball in formal wear of other periods, and even casual attire is accepted.)

The Homespun Ceilidh Band will be performing twice at Darkover in 2001, once Friday evening at 9:00 PM and again Saturday afternoon at 2:00 PM.

Since 1994 I've organized a pick-up band to provide live music for Darkover's Regency ball (at the request of the person running the ball). As of 6 November 2001, I have not verified whether I'll be doing so this year, but last-minute arrangements are not unlikely...

In my not-so-humble opinion, dancing is best done to live music.

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