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Been waiting long? Well ....

FOLK ROCK IS ... uh ... Back AGAIN!

Wild Oats

Back out of the basement tape-archive, and this time into your stereo!

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Although the band broke up in 1998, East Coast folk-rock band Wild Oats * is now available on CD in the 2000 release from Snugglebunny Studios, A Few Brief Shining Moments, recorded at Balticon in 1997

Wild Oats was a folk-rock band based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area featuring some old favourites, some unusual arrangements, and some originals. Our influences ranged from medieval and renaissance music through classic rock and psychedelia, with a solid dose of Celtic traditional and blues in the middle.

Who were we? While there were several personnel changes over the course of the bands existence (mostly changes of vocalists), most of the time we were basically a trio or quartet trying to pretend to be a sextet... so some of us were doing more than one thing at a time (but no, we didn't play all of these at the same time -- it just felt like it). Here's the lineup at the time of this recording:

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[picture of Maugorn] Maugorn The Stray (aka Steve Haug) sings and plays a vast array of instruments. In Wild Oats, he played guitar, mandolin, harmonica, banjo, electric bouzouki, tenor banjo, and recorder. (Hey Maug, did I leave anything out?) On this album you'll hear him on acoustic and electric 12-string guitars, banjo, harmonica, and siren-whistle.

[picture of Glenn] Glenn also plays a wide variety of instruments, but stuck to folk, classical, and electric guitar, bass, recorder, bowed psaltery, and percussion in Wild Oats. Of those, he can be heard playing classical and electric guitar, bass, and drums on A Few Brief Shining Moments.

[picture of Anne] Anne sings and plays synth, accordion, and hand percussion. She provided the vocals in Wild Oats, and can also be heard here playing synth, slide whistle, drum, and assorted hand percussion. She also co-wrote half the songs on this album with Maugorn. (An additional two are by Maugorn alone.)

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Songs on A Few Brief Shining Moments

[Album Cover]

  1. Tulip & Jasmine (Gerlach & Haug)
  2. The Fire Of Parnassus (Gerlach & Haug)
  3. Enchanted Gypsy (Donovan)
  4. The Onion Song (Gerlach & Haug)
  5. Teddy's Last Stand (Haug)
  6. Iolanthe (Gerlach & Haug)
  7. Boomerangs In The Dark (Haug)
  8. Who Knows Where The Time Goes? (Sandy Denny)

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(*) Not to be confused with a West-Coast band named The Wild Oats which lists many of the same musical influences on their web page, and is still active. Other than the coincidental similarity of name, influences, venues, and extracurricular activities (SCA, Renaissance Faire, Science Fiction conventions), there is no connection between the two bands.

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