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Sax Puzzle

This was an exchange that I thought somewhat amusing at the time, and since I just discovered I'd archived it, I figured I'd add it to my humour directory.

I posted to a mailing list of friends:

>To all you artists out there who've ever tried to draw or paint a saxophone:
>if you think they're hard to draw, you should try to take one _apart_!
>					-- Glenn, involved in a *fascinating*
>					   3-D jigsaw puzzle project, and who
>					   would love a sax of my own but not
>					   in kit form.

And got the following reply:

	Hey Glenn...

	Want a pedal harp?    

	-Bob, it's only a harp, how many pieces could it have?  ;-) ;-) 

	P.S. And if you get that done, here's a harpsichord... but don't worry, 
	it's already assembled, just needs adjusting...

Which elicited from Jane, this:

AHEM! Bob!!! Don't encourage him.

It was _my_ saxophone.


Okay, so I'm easily amused.

Postscript: I did get the sax back together correectly (what an adventure that was!) but my repair didn't quite work, so Jane wound up having it fixed by a pro after all. But I did correctly re-assemble it!

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