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Sylvan Ayres, Medieval/Renaissance Musicians

Sylvan Ayres is a group of 4 to 6 instrumentalists, specialising in Medieval and Renaissance music. Their instruments include tenor and bass violas da gamba, vielle, lute, cittern, chitarino, Renaissance & Baroque recorders, krummhorns, cornamuses, shawms, dulcian, framedrum, field drum, doumbek, tabor, tambourine, woodblock, and cymbals, with occasional singing.

The group has been active for about 4 years; Felicia Eberling, Madeleine Moore, Jim Stimson, and Paul Siegel form the core, with Megan Duffy, Ron Boucher, and Janet Trautvetter as back-ups. Sylvan Ayres and its eclectic cousin, The Beltway Early Music Band, can be reached at 301-587-3711.

Sylvan Ayres plays for weddings, receptions, concerts, cocktails, dinners, and cultural and educational programs, dressed as the setting warrants -- assorted period costumes, concert black-and-whites, or standard everyday wear.

Sylvan Ayres occasionally works with Nachtanz Historical Dance Group, presenting period dances with matching live music and costumes. Standard Nachtanz dance repertory ranges from early Renaissance (mid-15th cent.) through Cavalier (c. 1650).

Sylvan Ayres performance settings include:

The Musicians:

To contact Sylvan Ayres for bookings or other information, send email to Felicia Eberling

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