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% Tentative lyrics

T:Comet, Comet, Shining Bright
T:variation on "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (or "Ah vous dirai-je, Maman")
C:© 2012, 2015 D. Glenn Arthur Jr.
H:This is a 2015 attempt to fit words on top of something I came up with in 2012.  
H:As the subtitle indicates, it's based on "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (also 
H:familiar to English speakers as "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and the alphabet song), 
H:in a different mode and with a couple of extra measures.  "Twinkle Twinkle 
H:Little Star" is in turn based on an older French song, "Ah vous dirai-je, Maman"
N:I came up with this on a bass guitar in DGDG tuning, so it sounds nice and ominous a 
N:couple octaves down from where it's shown here.
N:If you play it as an instrumental, please play the guitar staff, not the abridged vocal 
N:melody.  (It's just parallel octaves here, so if you're using an instrument that doesn't 
N:do double-stops, just go with either octave from the guitar part.)
Q:"creepily," 1/2=52 " or thereabouts"
V:V clef=treble   %%MIDI program 73
V:G clef=treble-8 %%MIDI program 25
K:Dm ^f _e 
[V:V]  G2    G2     d2    d2    | e2    c2    d4      |
w:     Com-  et,    com-  et,   | shi-  ning  bright, 
[V:G] [GG,]2 [GG,]2 [dD]2 [dD]2 | [eE]2 [cC]2 [dD]4   |
[V:V] c2    (dc)     B2     G2     | (AB)       A2       d4     |
w:    What  news_    do     you    | bring_     to-      night?
[V:G] [cC]2 [dD][cC] [BB,]2 [GG,]2 | [AA,][BB,] [AA,]2   [dD]4  |
[V:V] G2     G2     d2    d2    | cc     e2    d4    |
w:    Do     you    por-  tend  | civ-il un-   rest,
[V:G] [GG,]2 [GG,]2 [dD]2 [dD]2 | [cC]2  [eE]2 [dD]4 |
[V:V] ed      c2    d2         B2     | cB        A2     G4     |
w:    Or  is  it    time       for    | me  to    in-    vest?
[V:G] [eE][dD][cC]2 [dD][cC]   [BB,]2 | [cC][BB,] [AA,]2 [GG,]4 |
[V:V] g2    g2    f2    d2    | (de)         d2       d3    d  |
w:    Com-  et    pass- ing   | in_          the      sky,  As
[V:G] [gG]2 [gG]2 [fF]2 [dD]2 | [dD][eE]     [dD][cC] [dD]4    |
[V:V] gg       g2    f2    d2    | (de)     d2       d4   |
w:    mor-tals be    low   you   | live_    and      die,
[V:G] [gG]2    [gG]2 [fF]2 [dD]2 | [dD][eE] [dD][cC] \
[V:G]       .!tenuto![dD].!tenuto![cC] .!tenuto![BB,].!tenuto![AA,] | % SEE END NOTE
[V:V] G2     G2     d2    d2    | e2    (fe)     d4    |
w:    o-     men    foul  or    | o-    men_     fair 
[V:G] [GG,]2 [GG,]2 [dD]2 [dD]2 | [eE]2 [fF][eE] [dD]4 |
[V:V] (cd)     c2    Bc        B2     | (AB)       A2     G4     |]
w:    I_       am    glad that your   | kind_      is     rare.  
[V:G] [cC][dD] [cC]2 [BB,][cC] [BB,]2 | [AA,][BB,] [AA,]2 [GG,]4 |]
W:Comet, comet, shining bright,
W:What news do you bring tonight?
W:Do you portend civil unrest
W:Or is it time for me to invest?
W:Comet passing in the sky,
W:As mortals below you live and die,
W:Omen foul or omen fair,
W:I am glad your kind is rare.
% In my own source file for this tune, the run in measure 12 is:
%    #ifdef MIDI
%    [V:G]      [dD]7/8z1/8[cC]7/8z1/8 [BB,]7/8z1/8[AA,]7/8z1/8 |
%    #else
%    [V:G]      .!tenuto![dD].!tenuto![cC] .!tenuto![BB,].!tenuto![AA,] |
%    #endif
% but since I don't think most folks are using the abcpp preprocessor, I
% just put the print branch of that conditional in this copy for the
% web.