D. Glenn Arthur Jr.

1723 W. Lombard St., Baltimore, MD, 21223 / 301-787-7983 / dglenn@panix.com


Programmer/Analyst with flexible skillset, including sysadmin, security, and web design.

Computer Languages

C, C++, Perl, Pascal, 4th Dimension, dBase, Clipper (version 5), C shell, Bourne shell, HTML, Assembly (Z80, VAX, 80x86), BASIC, FORTRAN, Hypertalk, COBOL, Various script and macro languages

Operating Systems

UNIX (Linux, Sys V, BSD 4.3, Sys III, Version 7, SCO, others), SunOS, XENIX (Sys V, III), MS-DOS, PC-DOS, Netware 286 and 386, Macintosh, VMS, CTOS/BTOS, p-system, TRSDOS, RSTS, MPE/3000, Windows 95


K.L. Ginter & Associates, Inc. Analyst 4/00-Present
Reality Based IT Services, Ltd. Analyst 4/00-Present
Independant Consultant 10/98 - 4/00
Environmental Management Support,Inc. Programmer/Analyst 3/92 - 9/93
Independent Consultant 12/90 - 3/92
K. L. Ginter & Associates, Inc Programmer/Analyst 9/86 - 12/90
U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Computer Programmer 7/85 - 9/86
S4tS Computer Effects Programmer 6/84 - 6/85


(Note: A more detailed list of projects is included separately.)

At Reality Based IT Services, Ltd.

Perform security testing, both on client networks and on dedicated testbed networks.

As a consultant

Reviewed and analysed C/UNIX code for Y2K compliance on a satellite WAN system.

Designed, implemented, and documented an automatic file transfer and record routing system for a distributed accounting application running under UNIX, MS-DOS, and TSO for the Department of Justice. Wrote a UUCP-like front end for Kermit, including spooling and automatic retries, using shell scripts and the Kermit script language. Also provided system administration and user support for UNIX.

Determined local area network (LAN) requirements for a small business, researched products that fit those requirements, and installed and configured the LAN.

Modified a Macintosh database application written in 4th Dimension according to changes in client needs.

Tutored CS students.

At Environmental Management Support, Inc.

Administered and trouble-shot government BBS systems running on Novell LANs. Maintaned database code for same, using Clipper and C. Provided user support within the company.

At K.L. Ginter & Associates, Inc.

Worked on a wide range of projects, both as lead (or solo) programmer and as member of a team. Did analysis and design. Was brought into several teams as a "firefighter" subcontractor to bail out projects already in trouble. Wrote specifications and user manuals.

Worked primarily in MS-DOS, but also coded for Macintosh, UNIX, CTOS, p-System, and CP/M. Languages used included C, Pascal, PERL, 4th Dimension, dBase, assembly language (80x86 and Z80), and batch/scripting languages.

Projects included office automation, porting libraries, low-level hardware interfaces, systems integration, network design, sysadmin tools, databases, data recovery, user support, and training.

At the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

Provided systems administration on five XENIX systems in four states. Trained other system administrator and programmers. Installed and configured hardware and software. Networked systems using UUCP and Micnet. Wrote utilities for users as well as system administration scripts.

Created user-friendly interfaces for communications tools available at the time. Designed and implemented databases using dBase and Lotus Symphony under MS-DOS. Provided general user support, training, and troubleshooting for non-technical staff.

At S4tS

Designed, set up, and operated light shows for science fiction conventions using Vectrex, TRS-80, and Atari 8-bit systems as well as other equipment. Developed special effects and animation for light shows and a movie in Z80 assembly language and BASIC. Wrote a background print spooler for the TRS-80 Model III.