Mac-talla Gaelic Singers

Mac-talla (Echo) presents the music of Scotland's Gaels in their ancient Celtic language and modal/folk scales. An award-winning group at Gaelic MOD festivals in Nova Scotia and the USA, Mac-talla performs throught the greater Washington DC area, from which its musicians are drawn. It was through the activities of An Comunn Gaidhealach America (The Gaelic Society of America) that Mac-talla was formed in 1987.

Led by founding member Joan McWilliams Weiss, Mac-talla features singers Mary Gillies Swope, Rodrick S. Mitchell, Liam O Caiside (tin whistle), Beatrix Whitehall (bodhran), with Scottish Fiddle soloist John Ward. The ensemble most recently performed for the Manx Society, and at the Washington Folklore Society's Mini-Fest, Washington's May Revels, and, in Virginia, the Oatlands Celtic Music Festival in June.

Mac-talla can be contacted, or orders placed for its recording of lilting Highlands music, through Mrs. Weiss at (301) 656-3454.

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